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♥The Girl♥

♥C A R O L I N E♥
I'm not a normal girl.
I have low self-esteem.
I love pink and blue.
I love counting the stars at night.
If you think you know me, read my blog and think again.
I 'm imperfect but I can't HelP It.
This is my blog so Click here if you hate it.



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♥Tuesday, April 20, 2010♥

Jillian's and May Li's 22nd birthday surprise!!!

It all began in the Bird Park

Happily feeding the bird before it pissed on my hand

Surprise 1 succeed!

And ended in KLCC

Surprise 2 PASS

what a wonderful and fun day!=)
never take so many pics before in just 1 day..haha
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